Hello everyone,

I’m the creator of this blog dedicated to the cities of France and the major sporting events we’re lucky enough to host. Born and raised in France, I’ve always been fascinated by the richness and diversity of our country, whether in terms of culture, history or gastronomy.

It was this passion for France, combined with my love of sport, that prompted me to create this blog. With the organization of the Rugby World Cup (RWC 2023) and the 2024 Olympic Games, France is in the spotlight more than ever. These events are an opportunity to discover or rediscover our beautiful cities, and I hope to be able to guide you through them thanks to this blog.

My aim is to provide you with quality, clear and accurate information, whether you’re a sports fan looking for information on upcoming competitions, a tourist wanting to know more about our cities and our culture, or simply a curious person eager to discover France from a new angle.

Each city has its own history, characteristics and specialities. I’ve done my best to highlight them, giving practical advice on transport, accommodation, restaurants, tourist activities and much more.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you, from the Rugby World Cup 2023 to the Olympic Games 2024, through the wonders of France.

Welcome and happy reading!