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How do I get around LYON?

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Transport: Getting around Lyon - Public transport and others services

Once in Lyon, getting around is easy thanks to a well-developed public transport network, managed by the TCL (Transports en Commun Lyonnais). It includes the metro, streetcars, buses and even two funicular railways serving the Fourvière hill. Here are some of the most popular options.


Lyon’s metro system comprises four lines (A, B, C, D) serving the city and part of its suburbs. It’s the fastest way to get around Lyon, especially during rush hour.


Lyon’s streetcar network is extensive and modern, with five lines (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5) serving areas not covered by the metro.


With over 130 lines, Lyon’s bus network is very comprehensive, reaching virtually every part of the city and its suburbs.


For a unique experience, try Lyon’s funicular railways, nicknamed « ficelles » by the locals. There are two lines, both linking Vieux Lyon to the Fourvière hill, offering superb views over the city.


Lyon is a great city for cycling, with over 400 kilometers of cycle paths. The city’s bike-sharing service, Vélo’v, offers over 4,000 bicycles available 24 hours a day throughout the city. You can rent a bike for a few hours, a day or even a week.

Cabs and VTCs

Cabs are available throughout the city, as well as chauffeur-driven vehicle (VTC) services such as Uber.

Electric cars

Lyon offers a self-service electric car rental service called Bluely. These cars can be rented for short periods and dropped off at any Bluely station in the city.


Don’t forget that during the Rugby World Cup, some roads may be more congested than usual, so allow a little extra time for your travels.

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