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How to minimize your environmental impact during your stay in LYON?

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A trip to Lyon for the Rugby World Cup can have a significant environmental impact, but there are ways to minimize your ecological footprint. Here are a few tips to make your stay in Lyon more environmentally friendly:

Green transportation

Lyon has a well-developed public transport network. Opt for the metro, streetcar or bus rather than your own car. You can also rent a bike or electric scooter to get around the city. If you have to take a cab, try to share your journey with others to reduce CO2 emissions.

Sustainable accommodation

Many hotels in Lyon have implemented sustainable development initiatives, such as using renewable energy, recycling and reducing water consumption. Find out which establishments are committed to the environment before making your reservation.

Local food

Lyon’s gastronomy is renowned, and many restaurants use local and seasonal produce. Choose these establishments to reduce the carbon footprint of your meals. What’s more, avoid food waste by ordering only what you can eat.

Responsible tourism

When you’re out sightseeing, respect the places you visit. Don’t just dump your garbage anywhere, avoid activities that are harmful to the environment, and respect the instructions given by those in charge of tourist sites.

Carbon offsetting

If you’re flying to the Rugby World Cup, consider offsetting your carbon emissions. Numerous organizations offer carbon offset programs that finance emission reduction or reforestation projects.


Remember, every little bit helps. By adopting these responsible practices, you’ll be helping to preserve the planet while making the most of your stay in Lyon for the Rugby World Cup.

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