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Make the most of LYON and the Rugby World Cup!

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Now that you’ve got all the information you need to get around, stay, eat and have fun in Lyon during the Rugby World Cup, all you have to do is live the experience to the full.

The Capital of the Gauls, renowned for its historical and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and vibrant atmosphere, awaits you. Soak up the festive atmosphere of the Rugby World Cup, watch exciting matches and discover a city full of charm and history.

Respect for the environment is everyone’s business, and every gesture counts.
So, even during these festivities, it’s important to adopt environmentally-friendly behavior.

And don’t forget: after the roar of the matches, Lyon still has a lot to offer. The city lights, peaceful parks, Michelin-starred restaurants and lively nightlife are just some of the reasons to extend your stay.

Make the most of every moment, live the event intensely and create unforgettable memories during this Rugby World Cup in Lyon.

Enjoy your stay and discoveries!

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