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Tips for a safe and pleasant stay in BORDEAUX

Bordeaux is a welcoming city, but as in any other place, there are certain things to bear in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Here are some useful tips to consider when traveling to Bordeaux for the Rugby World Cup.


Bordeaux is generally a safe city. However, it is always advisable to exercise caution, especially at night and in busy areas. Keep your belongings safe and do not leave your bags unattended.


As in any tourist city, pickpockets can be a problem, especially in crowded areas. Be vigilant and keep your valuables in a safe place.


In France, tipping is not compulsory as it is already included in the bill, but it is common to leave a few extra euros if the service was satisfactory.


Bordeaux people are generally warm and welcoming. A simple « Bonjour » or « Merci » will always be appreciated. Remember that in France, the handshake is common for formal introductions, while the kiss on the cheek is reserved for friends and family.


Bordeaux has an oceanic climate, with mild winters and hot, sunny summers. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you leave, and pack appropriate clothing.

Travel restrictions

Due to the ever-changing global situation, it is important to check the latest information on travel restrictions related to COVID-19. Consult the French government website or the French embassy in your country for the latest information.


Game days and summer days in Bordeaux can be hot. Make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you drink alcohol.

By keeping these practical tips in mind, you’re sure to have a pleasant stay in Bordeaux during the Rugby World Cup. Enjoy this beautiful city and all it has to offer.

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