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What to do in LYON after the Rugby World Cup?

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The Rugby World Cup may be the perfect opportunity to discover Lyon, but there’s so much to see and do that you might want to extend your stay even after the matches are over. Here are a few suggestions for continuing to enjoy Lyon after the Rugby World Cup is over:

Exploring cultural heritage

Lyon has a rich history dating back to Roman times. After the games, take time to visit historic sites such as the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière, the Théâtre Antique, and Vieux Lyon, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And don’t miss the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Musée des Confluences for their exceptional collections.

Enjoy the gastronomic delights

Lyon is often called the « capital of gastronomy » in France. Make a reservation at one of Lyon’s many « bouchons » to sample the local cuisine, and why not treat yourself to dinner at one of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

Visiting the vineyards

The region around Lyon is famous for its vineyards, particularly those of the Rhône Valley and Beaujolais. Make the most of your stay after the World Cup to visit some of these vineyards and taste local wines.

Discovering parks and gardens

Lyon has many beautiful parks and gardens where you can relax after the excitement of the World Cup. The Parc de la Tête d’Or, the Parc de Gerland and the Jardin des Curiosités are particularly noteworthy.

Attend a show

Whether at the Opéra de Lyon, the Théâtre des Célestins or one of the many other venues, there’s always something to see in Lyon. Check out the local programs to find out what’s on during your stay.


Whether you’re passionate about history, gastronomy, wine, nature or culture, Lyon has something for everyone. Make the most of your stay after the Rugby World Cup to discover all the riches this city has to offer.

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