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Where to recharge your electric vehicle in LILLE?

If you drive an electric or hybrid car in Lille, you won’t be short of charging points. Here are some tips for recharging your vehicle in Lille:

Izivia network

Lille is part of the Izivia network, which offers charging stations throughout the city. These stations are generally equipped with Type 2 charging stations, which enable a full recharge in just a few hours. You can find Izivia station locations on their website or mobile app.

Tesla charging network

If you drive a Tesla, you can use the company’s network of Superchargers. There are several Superchargers in and around Lille, offering fast and efficient charging. You can find Supercharger locations on your Tesla’s browser.

Public charging stations

Lille also offers public charging stations throughout the city. These stations are often located in public parking lots, shopping centers or near places of interest. They are generally chargeable, although some offer free recharging with parking.

Charging stations at the hotel

If you’re staying at a hotel, check whether it offers charging stations for electric vehicles. Many hotels in Lille offer this service to their guests.


Don’t forget that the availability of charging points can vary, so it’s advisable to plan ahead and have a charging station locator app on your smartphone. What’s more, some recharging points may require a subscription card or specific app for use, so find out in advance about the specific requirements of each recharging point.

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