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Where to recharge your electric vehicle in PARIS?

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), Paris has set up a considerable network of recharging stations to meet demand. Whether you own an EV or plan to rent one during your stay, here’s what you need to know about charging in Paris.

Autolib' network

Autolib’, Paris’s electric car-sharing system, has set up an extensive network of charging stations. Although Autolib’ has ceased operations, its charging stations are still available for private EVs. These stations are located all over the city, and allow either slow or fast recharging, depending on your needs.

Belib' network

In addition to the Autolib’ stations, the City of Paris has launched the Belib’ network. These are fast-charging stations specially designed for EVs. They are located on public roads and in certain public parking lots.

Fast-charging network

For faster recharging, you can turn to fast-charging stations, often located on main roads and in some parking lots. These stations, operated by companies such as Ionity, Tesla (for their vehicles only), or Total, can recharge your vehicle in less than an hour.

Applications and reload cards

There are several charging apps and maps that can help you locate charging stations in Paris and throughout France. Among the most popular are ChargeMap, Plugsurfing and KiWhi Pass. These apps provide you with information on station location, availability, type (slow, fast, ultra-fast), and rates.

Charging rates

Charging rates vary according to station and supplier. Some stations are free, while others charge according to connection time, the amount of energy used, or a combination of both. We recommend checking rates in advance via the station provider’s app or website.


In conclusion, Paris offers many options for recharging electric vehicles. Whether you need fast charging or prefer to recharge your EV overnight, you’re sure to find a station to suit your needs.

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