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Where to watch matches in MARSEILLE if you’re not at the stadium?

If you’re in Marseille during the Rugby World Cup but can’t attend all the matches in person, don’t worry. The city is full of places where you can enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the tournament. Here are a few options for following the matches live:

Sports bars and pubs

Marseille is well endowed with sports bars and pubs that broadcast matches live. You can mingle with local and international fans to experience the excitement of each match.

  1. O’Brady’s Irish Pub: This Irish pub is a popular meeting place for rugby fans. Located at 378 Avenue de Mazargues, it offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as Irish beer and comfort food.
  2. The Queen Victoria: Located on the Old Port, this traditional English pub has several screens to follow the matches. You can relax here with a pint of beer and a good fish and chips.
  3. The Shamrock: Another Irish pub at 17 Quai de Rive Neuve, renowned for its friendly atmosphere. It offers a wide variety of beers and serves delicious burgers.

Fan zones

Fan zones are public spaces where large screens are set up for live broadcasts of matches. They are often free of charge and offer a festive atmosphere, ideal for experiencing a match in the open air, surrounded by thousands of other fans. Specific details on the fan zones in Marseille for the Rugby World Cup will be available closer to the event on the official Rugby World Cup website.

Watching at home or at the hotel

If you prefer to watch the matches in the comfort of your own home, most French TV channels, such as TF1, will broadcast the games live. Be sure to check the availability of these channels in your accommodation.


Wherever you choose to watch the matches, be sure to experience the atmosphere and excitement of the Rugby World Cup in Marseille.

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