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Where to watch matches in TOULOUSE if you’re not at the stadium?

Explanation of the importance of the Rugby World Cup and the atmosphere it creates in the city. Rugby being at the heart of Toulouse culture, the city is transformed into a veritable carnival during this period.

Bars and pubs

Presentation of a list of bars and pubs where matches will be broadcast. Information on their location, opening times and, if applicable, the type of public they attract. Many of the city’s establishments, such as « Le London Town » and « Le Meltdown », are renowned for their match atmosphere.

Public areas

Information on giant screens installed in public spaces to broadcast matches. Details of their location, capacity and atmosphere. Place du Capitole is particularly well known for its open-air broadcasts during major sporting events.

Special events

Information on special events organized around the World Cup, such as block parties and cultural events. Parallel events, such as music festivals and exhibitions, further enrich the World Cup experience.

Rules for watching the matches

Information on the rules to be followed when watching matches in public in Toulouse, particularly with regard to respect for others and the consumption of alcohol. Parties must be respectful of others, and anti-social or excessive behavior may lead to legal consequences.

Readers are encouraged to join in the excitement of the Rugby World Cup, whether at the stadium or elsewhere in Toulouse. This tournament is more than just a sporting event, it’s a celebration of community, camaraderie and, of course, rugby. So, wherever you are in Toulouse, make sure you’re part of this incredible celebration.

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