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How to minimize your environmental impact during your stay in PARIS?

At major events like the Rugby World Cup, the environmental impact can be significant. However, every visitor can play a part in minimizing this impact. Here are a few tips for an eco-responsible stay in Paris.

Green transportation

Paris has an excellent public transport network including metro, bus and streetcar. Choose these means of transport for your journeys, rather than taking a cab or car. Paris is also a very walkable city, with an extensive network of bicycle paths. The Vélib’ bicycle rental service offers both classic and electric bikes.

Responsible consumption

When it comes to eating and shopping, choose local and seasonal produce whenever possible. Many restaurants in Paris offer dishes based on local produce, and the city’s markets are full of fresh, seasonal produce. Avoid single-use plastic, too, by bringing your own water bottle and shopping bags.

Sustainable accommodation

More and more hotels in Paris are committing to sustainable practices, such as using renewable energy, recycling, reducing water consumption and using eco-friendly cleaning products. Do a little research to find accommodation that matches your environmental values.

Respect for public places

Leave the places you visit as clean as you found them. Don’t throw your garbage out in the open – put it in the garbage cans provided. If you go to a park or along the banks of the Seine, take your garbage with you if you can’t find a garbage can.

Carbon offsetting

If you travel to Paris by plane, consider offsetting your carbon emissions. Many airlines offer carbon offset programs, and there are also independent organizations that allow you to calculate your carbon footprint and offset it by funding environmental projects.


In short, there are many ways to minimize your environmental impact during your stay in Paris. Every gesture counts in protecting our beautiful planet.

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