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Practical information for a stay in PARIS

A trip to Paris during the Rugby World Cup will be both exciting and packed with activities. To help you make the most of your stay, here’s some useful information and advice.

Useful applications

  1. Citymapper: This app offers the most efficient routes for getting around Paris using a combination of metro, bus, bike, walking and even Uber.
  2. LeCab: If you prefer cabs, LeCab is a local alternative to Uber in France.
  3. La Fourchette (The Fork): For restaurant reservations, La Fourchette offers discounts and customer reviews.
  4. My Paris: The official Paris Tourist Office app provides information on tourist attractions, events, and more.

Safety tips

  1. Pickpockets: As in any big city, be careful with your personal belongings, especially in crowded areas such as public transport and tourist attractions.
  2. Crossing the street: Parisian drivers can be quite aggressive. Be sure to cross only when the light is green for pedestrians.

Local rules of conduct

If you drive, make sure you know the local driving rules. For example, in France, you must always give way to vehicles coming from the right, unless otherwise indicated.

Advice for visitors with special needs

People with reduced mobility may find Paris difficult due to its many cobbled streets and staircases. However, most major museums and tourist attractions are wheelchair accessible. Find out more in advance.


In short, a stay in Paris during the Rugby World Cup can be an unforgettable experience with a little preparation and the right information at hand. Take the opportunity to discover all that this city has to offer.

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