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What to do in MARSEILLE by night?

Marseille is also known for its vibrant and diverse nightlife. Whether you prefer quiet bars, lively clubs, or late-night cultural events, Marseille has plenty to offer once the sun goes down.

The Old Port

The Vieux-Port is the epicenter of Marseille’s nightlife. Lined with bars and restaurants, it’s the ideal place to enjoy a drink on a terrace while taking in the view of the illuminated boats. The Rowing Club, with its terrace overlooking the port, is particularly popular for its chic atmosphere.

Courses Julien and La Plaine

If you’re looking for a more alternative atmosphere, the Cours Julien and La Plaine area is for you. This neighborhood is known for its wine bars, microbreweries and live music clubs. Café Julien, in particular, is an iconic venue for concerts and DJ nights.

La Corniche

For those who prefer a more elegant setting, La Corniche’s bars offer stunning sea views. Le Petit Pavillon, right on the beach, is one of the most popular spots for a sunset cocktail.

The Basket

The historic Panier district also comes alive in the evening, with numerous bars and restaurants serving local specialties. The Bar des 13 Coins is particularly well known for its friendly atmosphere and musical evenings.

Les Docks

For a more modern evening, Les Docks Village offers a variety of restaurants, bars and boutiques in a unique architectural setting.

Cultural events

Don’t forget to check the program of Marseille’s theaters, cinemas and concert halls. The Silo, Théâtre National de Marseille, Cinéma Les Variétés and Friche Belle de Mai all offer regular evening shows and screenings.

And of course, during the Rugby World Cup, many bars and pubs will be broadcasting the matches, providing a lively and friendly atmosphere for rugby fans.

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