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Where to eat in MARSEILLE?

Marseille cuisine is a delicious blend of Provencal and Mediterranean flavors. When you visit Marseille for the Rugby World Cup, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the local culinary delights. Here are some recommendations on where to eat in Marseille.


Marseille’s old port is packed with restaurants serving a variety of dishes, from fresh seafood to Provencal specialties. Among them, Le Miramar is a Marseilles institution renowned for its bouillabaisse, a traditional fish stew.

In the trendy Cours Julien district, you’ll find a multitude of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. Le Café des Epices is particularly recommended for its innovative and tasty dishes.

Bistros and Brasseries

For a more casual experience, Marseille’s bistros and brasseries offer hearty dishes at affordable prices. Chez Etienne in the Panier district is famous for its pizzas, while La Cantinetta is a relaxed Italian bistro with a friendly atmosphere.


For a meal on the go or to buy local produce, Marseille’s markets are an excellent option. The Prado market is one of the city’s largest, offering a variety of local fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. You can also visit the Vieux-Port fish market to buy fresh fish or enjoy a bouillabaisse.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you’re following a vegetarian or vegan diet, don’t worry, Marseille has options for you too. Green Bear Coffee and Café Végétable offer a variety of meat-free and vegan dishes that will appeal even to non-vegetarians.

Marseille is a gourmet’s paradise, with a cuisine that reflects its rich cultural heritage. Whatever your taste or budget, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite in this lively city.


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