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Where to recharge your electric vehicle in MARSEILLE?

Travelling by electric vehicle (EV) is becoming increasingly common, and fortunately Marseille is adapting to this eco-friendly mode of transport by offering a growing number of EV charging stations. Here’s a guide to finding charging stations in Marseille during your Rugby World Cup stay.

Replacement of charging stations

Marseille has an expanding network of charging stations for electric vehicles. You can find charging stations all over the city, including in public parking lots, shopping centers, some hotels and even on public roads. What’s more, many supermarkets and shopping centers offer free recharging while you shop.

Mobile applications

Using mobile applications is the easiest way to locate EV charging stations in Marseille. ChargeMap, for example, is a popular app that displays the location of charging stations, the types of plugs available, the cost of charging and even the station’s occupancy status.

Charging speed

It’s important to note that not all charging stations are the same in terms of recharging speed. There are fast-charging stations, which can recharge the majority of the battery in around 30 minutes, and normal-charging stations, which can take several hours to fully recharge. Always check the information on the station to make sure it meets your needs.

Travelling in Marseille by electric vehicle has just become easier thanks to a growing network of recharging stations. Don’t forget to plan ahead and use mobile apps to facilitate your recharging experience. In the next article, we’ll look at medical services in Marseille during the Rugby World Cup.

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