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Where to eat in SAINT-ETIENNE?

Saint-Étienne, a dynamic city in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, offers a fine selection of restaurants where you can savor delicious local specialties while enjoying the Rugby World Cup.

Saint-Étienne's culinary specialties

Saint-Étienne, although less famous for its cuisine than some other French cities, still has some unique dishes and products worth exploring. Among them, the « râpée stéphanoise », a kind of potato pancake, is one of the region’s best-known dishes. Bugnes », light, crispy doughnuts, are also very popular, especially at Carnival time.

Restaurants in Saint-Étienne

Saint-Étienne offers a varied choice of restaurants, from traditional bistros to Michelin-starred gourmet eateries. Among the most popular addresses are « Le François 1er », a historic brasserie in the heart of the city, and « Le Sept », a modern restaurant offering creative, seasonal cuisine.

If you’re looking for more international flavors, Saint-Étienne also has plenty to offer. You’ll find a wide variety of Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and other restaurants.

Local markets

If you prefer to cook for yourself or simply enjoy fresh local produce, be sure to visit Saint-Étienne’s local markets. The Place du Peuple and Place Chavanelle markets are particularly popular for their wide selection of local produce, including cheeses, charcuterie, fruit and vegetables.

Coffee break and snack

Finally, for a coffee break or snack, visit one of the city’s many bakeries or patisseries. Don’t miss the « pavé stéphanois », a delicious cake made with pink pralines.


Whether you’re a gourmet or just a lover of good food, Saint-Étienne has something for every palate. So, while you’re here for the Rugby World Cup, don’t hesitate to explore the city’s culinary scene for a real taste adventure.

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