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Where to recharge your electric vehicle in SAINT-ETIENNE?

Electric mobility is booming, and Saint-Étienne, as an environmentally conscious city, has a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. If you’re travelling in an electric vehicle, here’s some information you might find useful.

Public charging stations

Saint-Étienne has a number of public charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the city. You’ll find these stations at various locations, including public parking lots, some supermarkets and service stations. For example, the Chavanelle and Jean Jaurès parking lots have charging stations.

Hotel charging stations

Some hotels in Saint-Étienne offer charging stations for their guests. These include Hôtel du Golf, Novotel Saint-Étienne Centre Gare Châteaucreux and others. If you’re staying at a hotel, it may be worth checking in advance whether recharging facilities are available.

Charging stations at destination

Locations such as the Centre Deux shopping center and the Saint-Étienne Technology Park have charging stations at their destination. These charging points enable customers to recharge their vehicles while shopping or attending meetings.

Mobile applications

There are several mobile apps that can help you locate the nearest charging stations, find out their real-time availability and pay for charging. These applications include Chargemap, PlugShare, etc.

Charging rates

Charging rates in Saint-Étienne can vary depending on the location and supplier of the charging station. It’s best to check rates using mobile applications or directly at the charging station.


In conclusion, even if you drive an electric vehicle, you can rest assured that Saint-Étienne offers a good network of charging stations to help you keep your vehicle powered and ready to take you wherever you need to go during the Rugby World Cup.

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