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Tips for a safe and pleasant stay in PARIS

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Practical advice: Tips for a safe and pleasant stay in Paris

Paris is a vibrant, dynamic city with much to offer visitors. However, as with any big city, it’s important to be aware of a few things to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Here are some practical tips for your visit to Paris during the Rugby World Cup.


Although Paris is generally a safe city, standard precautions apply. Be vigilant for pickpockets, especially in busy tourist areas like the Louvre, Montmartre, and the Latin Quarter. Avoid displaying valuables in public.


In France, service is generally included in the restaurant bill. However, it is customary to leave a small tip if the service was particularly good. A modest amount, usually around 5-10% of the bill, is sufficient.

Uses and customs

Parisians appreciate it when visitors make an effort to speak a little French. A simple « Bonjour » or « Merci » in the local language can make all the difference. And in restaurants, it’s customary to say « Bon appétit » before starting to eat.


The climate in Paris is temperate, with generally warm summers and mild winters. However, it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before you leave, and take an umbrella with you, as showers can occur at any time of year.

Travel restrictions

Don’t forget to check the latest travel restrictions and visa requirements before you travel to Paris. This may include requirements for Covid-19 tests, quarantine, or specific travel documents.


In summary, a visit to Paris can be a fantastic experience if you take the time to plan ahead and follow a few simple tips. Take advantage of all that this magnificent city has to offer, and don’t forget to enjoy the excitement of the Rugby World Cup!

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